Continuous operation since 1971, family owned for 3 generations.


IMR offers expert Engineering and design services for press redesigns. Engineering services include clutch conversions, speed changes & stroke & shut height changes, flywheel bearing adaptation for reduction in shaft wear, designing hydraulic tie rod nuts & consultation.

IMR, Inc.’s engineering department is available
for all your press redesign needs.

A few examples of the Engineering and design services for press redesigns we provide are:

  • Clutch conversions
  • Stroke and shut height changes
  • Speed changes
  • Adapting wider flywheel bearings to reduce shaft wear
  • Designing hydraulic tie rod nuts
  • Adapting Trabon automatic lubrication systems
  • Expert consultation services to troubleshoot your stamping equipment problems

Designing custom made replacement machine parts including:

  • Gears
  • Pitmans
  • Backshafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Bronze bearings
  • etc.

We will also provide you with updated machine assembly drawings for major changes to component parts such as backshafts, flywheels, clutch/brakes, etc.

1000 ton Danly adjusting screw

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